Entering 2017 With Two Secured Donors

Three days after this past Christmas one of my best friends came over for a visit.  This friend came over already knowing about our upcoming TTC journey this year, knowing most of what was involved, and the fact that we were still looking for a secondary/backup donor.

After lots of talking, and me explaining how everything worked, and her asking lots of questions, she looked me straight in the eye, with a tone of hopefulness and lightness to her voice, and asked me if we had any interest in using her husband as our secondary donor.  I admitted right away that he had made our “list” of possible donors, and that we would, in fact, like to use him with her blessing.

They both know that he would sign his parental and all rights away, just as our first donor couple do.  They are both very relaxed about everything, and truly seem on board with being a donor couple for us.  The four of us, my wife included, will sit down later this month to go over all the little details.

I cannot believe that we are entering 2017 with two known donors on board.  And these aren’t just two known donors that we just happened to find; they are the first two donors at the top of my list whom I hoped would work out, and who would be willing to help us.

Our first pack of OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) are currently in the mail and on their way to us.  I will start tracking my ovulation with my period this month.  Our first doctor’s appointment is sixteen days away.  This weekend we are going to buy our first bottle of prenatals, which I plan to start taking immediately.

I cannot believe we are here.  I cannot believe this year is here.  It’s truly 2017, we have two known donors, and a doctor’s appointment coming up.

I almost want to pinch myself to make sure this is all real.  Both my head and my heart can hardly take that all this preparation is happening, and that we may start trying for a pregnancy in just a few months!


One thought on “Entering 2017 With Two Secured Donors

  1. K.M.H January 4, 2017 / 9:06 am

    I am super excited for you and to see where everything goes!

    Also, I noticed that you liked my About page on my faith-blog, and thought you might be interested in seeing my family/TTC blog. It’s here: https://3isgreater.wordpress.com/

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