Our First Round of OPKS Have Arrived


They’reee hereeee!! Our first box of OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) and pregnancy tests have arrived.

We bought a box 100 ovulation kits and 20 pregnancy tests off of Amazon for $33.

I actually just started my period yesterday, so I will began tracking my ovulation next week when my period ends.  I can’t believe the first cycle of tracking my ovulation has arrived!!

I posted in the Lesbian Mom TTC Group and asked for advice with using the OPKS.  I asked how many I should use a day, when the best times of day were to test, and if I really had to pee in a cup rather than pee on the stick directly.

I got many helpful replies and tidbits of information in response.  It’s a very supportive and awesome group, and I’m very grateful to have found it.

I’ll leave you all with some humorous TTC images. It’s Friday, and I’ve had a great first week of the year.  I’m excited to start peeing on sticks next week! (LOL)


3 thoughts on “Our First Round of OPKS Have Arrived

  1. ladyloveandbabydust January 10, 2017 / 9:59 pm

    Word of advice from a weathered infertile: Those pregnant you tests are both very sensitive and very sketchy. You can easily get what looks like a positive on 3/5 tests in some packs, they are called “evap” lines and can appear grey or barely pink. And the OPKs are great but in the beginning it’s good to use at least 4 a day at specific times to “catch” your surge. Some women ( Im one) have a surge that doesn’t last very long and if you don’t take enough tests you can miss it by a few hours. Also sometimes you can see its faint but getting darker so you know your close. It has to be as dark or darker to be a positive OPK.

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    • MommyToBe January 10, 2017 / 11:39 pm

      Thank you so much for your advice! I didn’t want the pregnancy tests at all, they just happen to come with the OPKs, and it was the best count of OPKs for the least amount of money with this bundle. I’ll definitely keep that in mind for the OPKs, thank you very much for the advice. 🙂

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