We Officially Begin Our Pregnancy Attempts NEXT MONTH!

This morning my wife and I had our initial appointment with my new OBGYN.  Very early into the appointment I disclosed the real reason we’d schedule the pap smear. (Sure, I was due for one, but we wanted to discuss family planning and let my new doctor know that I’d be trying at home for a pregnancy.)

The appointment went very well.  The doctor was friendly, optimistic, and helpful, and invited me to ask her any and all  questions I had about fertility, and the process of artificial insemination at home.

She asked where we were getting the sperm from, and I told her we had found a known donor.
She asked how regular my periods were, and I answered her. (29-31 days, always)
She asked me how I was tracking my ovulation. I told her via fertility apps and OPKs.

And then I asked her advice on the timing of inseminations after my positive OPKs each month. I asked her about the possibility of using two different donors for the same period cycle.  I asked her any thing I could think of, and she didn’t begin the pap smear or examination until I couldn’t think of anything else to ask her.

I disclosed to her that I was worried that I had fibroids. I asked her if she’d me able to feel fibroids if I have them, and she thought very seriously for a moment before answering me with “most likely.”

She then checked and prodded me, and took her time doing so.  I really appreciated that she seemed to do “extra prodding and feeling”, given the journey my wife and I are about to embark on.

She said “you have no fibroids, and I also feel no masses or lumps. I’d like for you to try for six months at home, and then if none of those attempts take, come back and see me for a referral.”

We are hoping like hell that one of our first six attempts is successful.  Her referral would be to the #1 fertility clinic in the entire country, which you would think would excite us, but it doesn’t because, they are incredibly expensive.

We are excited as hell to start next month.  I texted our primary donor couple as we walked out of the building.  They confirmed that they are ready to start next month, and to proceed with donations every month from February until July.

I feel very relieved at hearing the news that I don’t have any suspected fibroids, cysts, or polyps standing in the way of a sperm meeting my egg.

Amazon Screenshot

When we got home, I ordered all of the materials needed for our at home inseminations, except the syringe.  We decided to purchase the syringe in a store, so we can be certain of the tip, and the size of the syringe.

I bought:

  • 100 donation cups (for our donor to donate into) for less than $4
  • Two reusable menstrual cups (to help hold the sperm in place after inseminations) for $4
  • A bottle of pre seed, which is lubricant that isn’t harmful to sperm (most are!) for $10

The most beautiful thing about these purchases is that I had an Amex gift card that more than covered them.

I’m ecstatic.  I’m nervous. I’m amazed and dazed.  I’m living in small cloud of surrealism.

I can’t believe that we are going to finally start trying next month! Here’s to hoping the best for the next six months. I know they’re going to be a wild roller coaster ride that I will never forget.



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