Fertility Stones and Yoga Classes to Help Prepare My Body

As a massage therapist, a certified yoga instructor, and a certified Reiki Master, crystals and gemstones are my jam.  I have a beautiful collection that I keep on my dresser, sometimes use, hold, and constantly google to learn more information on.

I’ve known for a good few weeks that I have at least seven fertility stones, with two of them being repeats.  What I discovered this morning, to my huge surprise, is that I have a total of ten fertility stones! My Mom is going to buy me more tomorrow at a shop near her work. No crystal shops are anywhere close to my own home.


The fertility stones that I have are two rose quartz, two tigers eyes, two moonstones, unakite, carnelian, adventurine, and a Shiva Lingam stone.

I slept with one of the rose quartz under my pillow last night, my hand wrapped around it for most of the night.  I think I’ll sleep with a different fertility stone under my pillow tonight.  Under the full moon this coming Friday I plan on making five jars of fertility Reiki water, with different fertility stones in each one.

I’d also like to start carrying some of them in my pockets throughout the day, which is a popular way to use gemstones; just one that I’ve never tried before.

This afternoon I took a Bikram yoga class with our primary donor couple.  They invited me to this class last week.

I originally thought I was taking this Bikram yoga class to do something with our donors the week before we start inseminations.  We will be seeing them three nights next week for three inseminations, and seeing them this week for a physical activity just sounded like a good idea in my book.

About ten or fifteen minutes into the yoga class I realized I was there for myself.

I was there to bend, to breathe, and to let go of worry and doubts as my wife and I truly begin actually trying for a pregnancy next week.

I took a yoga class last week as well, and I took several classes in January.  I’m hoping I may be able to fit in a second class later this week, before we start our inseminations about a week from now.

Will yoga help? Will crystals and gemstones help? Will fertility water help increase my chances of being fertile at all?

I’ll never know.  But I do know this: These things help me feel better, more relaxed, and more confident, and so in my book they help.

Here’s to hoping we may conceive a baby next week, even though this is only our first month trying.