Round #2 of Artificial Inseminations Are Now Complete

As of today my wonderful wife and I have completed round #2 of artificial inseminations.  This round was pretty wild and crazy because my surge and ovulation occurred 3-4 days later than my previous two cycles.

My first positive OPK (ovulation prediction kit) for the last two months occurred four days after I had finished my period.  On this, our second cycle, the first positive OPK happened a smooth seven days after I had finished my last period.

I experienced what so many women in my TTC Facebook groups have experienced; my period and cycle completely reset after the initial introduction of sperm inside my body.

What made this cycle of pregnancy attempts so wild and crazy is that my wife and I decided to start our attempts one day earlier than our previous cycle…and this happened before we realized my surge and ovulation were happening later this month!

The result of this was that we accidentally started the inseminations a bit early, ahead of my surge…which means that by the time the surge and ovulation actually happened we did a total of seven artificial inseminations.

…..SEVEN!!  I mean, what the even hell!?

The amazing thing about all of this is that our donor was completely understanding about all of it.  I was honest with him about my surge and cycle being different this month, and before I could even ask if there were any way he could give us even more inseminations after the initial three, he beat me to it by saying “No problem, we’ll just continue with the inseminations until you surge.”

…I’ll truly never understand how we got so lucky with a donor.

The area we live in was predicted to be hit with a pretty large snowstorm this week, and so to be able to continue inseminations my wife and I purposely got snowed in with our donor and his girlfriend last night.

It was fun, relaxing, and everyone had a great time.  For all of the new followers on this blog, I’ll quickly explain that our donor and his girlfriend are two of our closest friends. We’ve known them for years and years.

This round of inseminations has gone completely differently from the first.  And I don’t even mean because we used softcups to inseminate instead of syringes with preseed.  My body feels fine, it feels mostly normal in fact.  Last cycle, during our first attempt, my body felt crazy, off, and completely foreign to me.

I suppose after getting three doses of sperm in our first attempt last month my body is more use to sperm, and is no longer being shocked by something it doesn’t recognize.

We are officially in our second two week wait!! I am feeling much more relaxed, normal, and way less crazed than after our first attempt last month.

The only thing I’ve noticed physically, which started last night, is that I have a “warm, fuzzy feeling” all throughout my ovaries and pelvic area.  I’m not sure what this is from, but it feels nice and comforting, and isn’t painful, strange, or harmful feeling, so I’m not worried.

I’ll try to update more during this two week wait than I did last cycle.  I’m happy to be feeling much more like myself this time around.


It’s here; CD1 of Our First Month of Insems

It’s begun; I got my period today.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited to get my period before.

It’s such a strange feeling, because while I was happy to get it I also know that this will be the last month that I’ll be happy to see my period!

In a few weeks my wife and I will start our very first round of inseminations! After this period ends, I will began tracking of my ovulation once again, and then we will meet with our primary donor couple three different days, to do three artificial inseminations.

Since my last post, all the materials that I ordered have arrived right to our doorstep.  This includes the medical cups (for our donor to donate in), the menstrual cups (I’ll insert these to help hold the sperm inside my body) as well as the pre-seed, which is sperm friendly lubricant. (Most lubricants are harmful to sperm!)

As for the syringes we went in person to a CVS pharmacy.  I went up to the counter, and, trying not to seem too awkward, asked for 5 cc baby syringes.

The pharmacist asked me what I needed the syringes for….and I was completely honest.  I told her we needed them to perform artificial insemination at home to try to conceive a baby.

She asked what size we would need, and both my wife and I told her we weren’t sure.  So she handed me a bag with six syringes inside of it, two each of three different sizes-free of charge!!

ALL TTC supplies

This is what all the supplies looks like that we will be using for the artificial inseminations.  Donation cups, syringes, menstrual cups, pre-seed, and ovulation prediction kits.

We’ve got all our materials, and our primary donor couple are ready to go later this month.  We went out with them Saturday night to celebrate our donor’s birthday, and it was a blast and a half.

This past Sunday we sat down with our secondary donor couple to have “the talk” about all the fine details.  As with our primary donor couple the talk went well, and all four of us are also on the same page.

Our secondary donor even asked about future kids/pregnancies, and if we would need a donor in the future! He blew my mind away when he asked this question.

For now we are only focusing on this pregnancy, and this first kid, but the knowledge that we may have a donor for a second pregnancy two, three, or even five years from now fills me with so much optimism and security.

My wife and I are so excited!! I have a feeling this period is going to last forever.  And then of course, after this first round of inseminations we’ll be in our very first two week wait…which I’m sure will last forever and a half.

Cheers to February, our first month trying to conceive; it’s likely that Valentine’s Day will be one of our insemination nights!

We Officially Begin Our Pregnancy Attempts NEXT MONTH!

This morning my wife and I had our initial appointment with my new OBGYN.  Very early into the appointment I disclosed the real reason we’d schedule the pap smear. (Sure, I was due for one, but we wanted to discuss family planning and let my new doctor know that I’d be trying at home for a pregnancy.)

The appointment went very well.  The doctor was friendly, optimistic, and helpful, and invited me to ask her any and all  questions I had about fertility, and the process of artificial insemination at home.

She asked where we were getting the sperm from, and I told her we had found a known donor.
She asked how regular my periods were, and I answered her. (29-31 days, always)
She asked me how I was tracking my ovulation. I told her via fertility apps and OPKs.

And then I asked her advice on the timing of inseminations after my positive OPKs each month. I asked her about the possibility of using two different donors for the same period cycle.  I asked her any thing I could think of, and she didn’t begin the pap smear or examination until I couldn’t think of anything else to ask her.

I disclosed to her that I was worried that I had fibroids. I asked her if she’d me able to feel fibroids if I have them, and she thought very seriously for a moment before answering me with “most likely.”

She then checked and prodded me, and took her time doing so.  I really appreciated that she seemed to do “extra prodding and feeling”, given the journey my wife and I are about to embark on.

She said “you have no fibroids, and I also feel no masses or lumps. I’d like for you to try for six months at home, and then if none of those attempts take, come back and see me for a referral.”

We are hoping like hell that one of our first six attempts is successful.  Her referral would be to the #1 fertility clinic in the entire country, which you would think would excite us, but it doesn’t because, they are incredibly expensive.

We are excited as hell to start next month.  I texted our primary donor couple as we walked out of the building.  They confirmed that they are ready to start next month, and to proceed with donations every month from February until July.

I feel very relieved at hearing the news that I don’t have any suspected fibroids, cysts, or polyps standing in the way of a sperm meeting my egg.

Amazon Screenshot

When we got home, I ordered all of the materials needed for our at home inseminations, except the syringe.  We decided to purchase the syringe in a store, so we can be certain of the tip, and the size of the syringe.

I bought:

  • 100 donation cups (for our donor to donate into) for less than $4
  • Two reusable menstrual cups (to help hold the sperm in place after inseminations) for $4
  • A bottle of pre seed, which is lubricant that isn’t harmful to sperm (most are!) for $10

The most beautiful thing about these purchases is that I had an Amex gift card that more than covered them.

I’m ecstatic.  I’m nervous. I’m amazed and dazed.  I’m living in small cloud of surrealism.

I can’t believe that we are going to finally start trying next month! Here’s to hoping the best for the next six months. I know they’re going to be a wild roller coaster ride that I will never forget.