Round #2 of Artificial Inseminations Are Now Complete

As of today my wonderful wife and I have completed round #2 of artificial inseminations.  This round was pretty wild and crazy because my surge and ovulation occurred 3-4 days later than my previous two cycles.

My first positive OPK (ovulation prediction kit) for the last two months occurred four days after I had finished my period.  On this, our second cycle, the first positive OPK happened a smooth seven days after I had finished my last period.

I experienced what so many women in my TTC Facebook groups have experienced; my period and cycle completely reset after the initial introduction of sperm inside my body.

What made this cycle of pregnancy attempts so wild and crazy is that my wife and I decided to start our attempts one day earlier than our previous cycle…and this happened before we realized my surge and ovulation were happening later this month!

The result of this was that we accidentally started the inseminations a bit early, ahead of my surge…which means that by the time the surge and ovulation actually happened we did a total of seven artificial inseminations.

…..SEVEN!!  I mean, what the even hell!?

The amazing thing about all of this is that our donor was completely understanding about all of it.  I was honest with him about my surge and cycle being different this month, and before I could even ask if there were any way he could give us even more inseminations after the initial three, he beat me to it by saying “No problem, we’ll just continue with the inseminations until you surge.”

…I’ll truly never understand how we got so lucky with a donor.

The area we live in was predicted to be hit with a pretty large snowstorm this week, and so to be able to continue inseminations my wife and I purposely got snowed in with our donor and his girlfriend last night.

It was fun, relaxing, and everyone had a great time.  For all of the new followers on this blog, I’ll quickly explain that our donor and his girlfriend are two of our closest friends. We’ve known them for years and years.

This round of inseminations has gone completely differently from the first.  And I don’t even mean because we used softcups to inseminate instead of syringes with preseed.  My body feels fine, it feels mostly normal in fact.  Last cycle, during our first attempt, my body felt crazy, off, and completely foreign to me.

I suppose after getting three doses of sperm in our first attempt last month my body is more use to sperm, and is no longer being shocked by something it doesn’t recognize.

We are officially in our second two week wait!! I am feeling much more relaxed, normal, and way less crazed than after our first attempt last month.

The only thing I’ve noticed physically, which started last night, is that I have a “warm, fuzzy feeling” all throughout my ovaries and pelvic area.  I’m not sure what this is from, but it feels nice and comforting, and isn’t painful, strange, or harmful feeling, so I’m not worried.

I’ll try to update more during this two week wait than I did last cycle.  I’m happy to be feeling much more like myself this time around.


Soft Cups Vs. Diva Cups for Artificial Insemination

Since my last entry I’ve practiced with two of the Instead brand soft cups for the past two days.  My immediate results are that these are ten hundred times easier than the Diva cups/menstrual cups!

I first started to try using the Diva Cup last year in the place of tampons for my menstrual cycle.  This was way before I knew my wife and I would even seriously entertain the idea of trying for a pregnancy via artificial insemination at home.

I….didn’t have much luck with them.  I tried to use them for several different periods, before giving up in a heap of frustration and going back to the tampon life.

Upon joining TTC groups on FB last year I discovered that many women try to use menstrual or soft cups after artificial inseminations to help hold the sperm inside their bodies-I thought this was brilliant!

So last cycle my wife and I ordered and bought me fresh diva cups to try and help hold the sperm inside my body after inseminations.

It…did not work out so well.  There was lots of diva cup drama our very first insemination that led to a lot of pain and uncomfortableness the next day.  We also had some cup drama after the third insemination, and both instances stressed me out.

I’ve recently noticed that a lot of the women in our TTC groups have said that they had no luck with the Diva or menstrual Cups, but that they love the Instead brand soft cups for inseminations because they hold the sperm must closer to the cervix.

Upon further investigation, the internet confirmed for me that the soft cups are very different from the Diva Cups.

They are inserted into your body in a very different way…a much easier way.  They also sit differently inside your body, and sure enough, they sit right underneath the cervix.

I definitely had a bias against trying them because of my bad luck with the Diva Cup.  Even knowing that they are inserted differently, and sit inside the body differently, I was still cynical abut getting the hang of them.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I’m able to insert the soft cup right into my body.  Flawlessly.  Comfortably.  It feels comfortable once it’s inside my body, unlike the Diva cup.

For this cycle we are going to skip the syringe all together, and just have our donor donate directly into the soft cup. I will then just plop the soft cup with the sperm inside of it right into my body.  This pleases me greatly because more women in our TTC groups have been able to conceive at home doing this method, as oppose to using a syringe.

We are also going to have me eat pineapple core for a few days after I ovulate, because bromelain is said to help with implantation.  Many women in our TTC groups have done this, and many have had success.  Though of course none can say whether eating pineapple actually helped.

The whole pineapple thing seems very unlikely to me that it could make a difference in implantation.  I kind of feel like either you are going to get pregnant, or you aren’t.  But at the same time what can it hurt?! So alas, we will try it.

We will begin our inseminations for this cycle tonight!  Based on the OPKs, I am predicted to start surging tomorrow, so ovulation can happen anywhere between tomorrow and Saturday.  Our amazing and helpful donor has agreed to four inseminations this cycle.  Tonight, tomorrow night, Friday night, and sometime on Saturday.

Here we goooo!. Cycle #2.  Perhaps soft cups and pineapple will be the answer.  Only time will tell!

Ovulation Tracking, and Our FIRST Doctor Appointment!

It’s here; our first doctors appointment is tomorrow.  The one where we sit down with an OBGYN and disclose that we are beginning the journey of trying to conceive a pregnancy at home via artificial insemination.

My wife and I have been together for over five years, and we’ve been married for over a year.  This coming October will be be six years of being a couple, and two full years of marriage.

We talked about wanting a family someday as early on as four months into our relationship.  I have always wanted kids, and to be a Mom.  More importantly, I always wanted to be pregnant at least once in my life.  My wife has also always wanted kids and to be a Mom, but she also knew that she didn’t want to ever be pregnant.

I can’t believe that we are here! I can’t believe the time has come.  Five years of moving, and growing, and saving money, and learning.  Five years of learning about each other, and ourselves, of moving forward in our careers and preparing for, well, exactly this.

Something that is as equally as exciting, if not even more is that I successfully caught my ovulation to a T this first month of tracking-I ovulated last night!

I’ve never in my life, before this month, have known when my ovulation window was for my cycle, let alone an exact time or day that I ovulated.

In more news, our primary donor couple came over Monday evening.  It was “the big sit down” where the four of us wanted to go over the specifics of this whole exchange.  I started out by re-touching on the most important step, in my opinion, which is our donor signing away all of his legal rights.  For about the third or fourth time, he verbally stated that he would sign away all his rights, and even went onto say that he would not have agreed to be our donor if signing away his rights weren’t an option.

After that we talked about what life would look like for all of us if there were a successful pregnancy from his seed.  I’m extremely happy to report that all of these discussions were pretty easy, and painless, and that all four of us seem to be on the same page!

After the serious discussions were over we enjoyed a tasty dinner that my wife prepared,  and we all got drunk and played a Harry Potter game until 1:00 A.M. We had a blast.  There was so much laughter.  We started to joke about the inseminations, and trying to get me pregnant, and I just love that everyone seems so excited, and comfortable.

To say that things are going well with all of this prep would be an understatement.  I feel very supported, and taken care of.  By my wife, yes, but also by our donor couple.  My wife and donor couple seem passionate about trying to get me pregnant.  I’m hoping our appointment with our OBGYN goes well in the morning, and that she seems passionate and excited to help us as well.

We are wondering if she’s going to order an HSG right away, to have my tubes and uterus looked at, or if she’s simply going to suggest we try for 3-4 months before taking the step of ordering an HSG.

I’m not sure which option I’d prefer-to do the HSG now, or to go ahead and try conceiving for a few months. Either way, we’ll find out in the morning, and if she does tell us to go ahead and start trying next month, our donor couple is ready and willing to start inseminations!

I’m expecting things to take a while, and even a long while at that.  I’m expecting a few chemical pregnancies, or even a miscarriage, or two.

And even with those expectations, I’m so freaking excited to finally be starting this journey!

Our First Round of OPKS Have Arrived


They’reee hereeee!! Our first box of OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) and pregnancy tests have arrived.

We bought a box 100 ovulation kits and 20 pregnancy tests off of Amazon for $33.

I actually just started my period yesterday, so I will began tracking my ovulation next week when my period ends.  I can’t believe the first cycle of tracking my ovulation has arrived!!

I posted in the Lesbian Mom TTC Group and asked for advice with using the OPKS.  I asked how many I should use a day, when the best times of day were to test, and if I really had to pee in a cup rather than pee on the stick directly.

I got many helpful replies and tidbits of information in response.  It’s a very supportive and awesome group, and I’m very grateful to have found it.

I’ll leave you all with some humorous TTC images. It’s Friday, and I’ve had a great first week of the year.  I’m excited to start peeing on sticks next week! (LOL)