I’m Pretty Sure We’re Out For Cycle #2

I say “pretty sure” because my period hasn’t started yet.  But as of this morning, I can feel it coming.

I took a pregnancy test both yesterday morning and today.  It’s still a bit early, as my period isn’t due until the next few days, but both tests were negative.

I posted in one of our TTC groups and several women commented saying “It’s still early, you’re not out until AF (Aunt Flow/menstrual cycle) shows up!”

And while it’s definitely early to give credit to negative pregnancy tests, I can definitely feel my period coming on.

This is surprisingly easier than being out our first cycle; I thought it would get harder and harder with each month that didn’t take.

I’m telling myself that each month that we try we increase our chances of conceiving.  There’s only a 20% chance each month of actually conceiving via artificial insemination at home.

There’s another woman from our TTC group who resides in the same state as we do, and I found out that her and her partner used a midwife to perform an at home IUI.  I reached out to her, and she very happily gave me the information for this Midwife group and encouraged me to reach out.

I told my wife that if we don’t seem to have any luck with artificial insemination at home by the end of the year that perhaps we can try this.  They only charge $300 per attempt.  This is affordable to us, and it has given me some hope.

The only thing I worry about with each failed cycle is if at home artificial insemination will work for us; it doesn’t for all couples.  My wife keeps insisting “this is only two failed cycles, we should definitely keep trying.”

I’m also wondering how likely it is that our OBGYN will prescribe me fertility meds if our third cycle fails next month.

A part of me worries that she’ll tell me that three failed cycles is perfectly normal, and that she’ll want us to make more attempts before prescribing me fertility meds.  But, I suppose it can’t hurt to ask.  I’m thinking of sending her an email once my period starts.

Onto cycle #3 next month, I suppose! It really is much easier this time around.  Hopefully the third time will be the charm.


Round #2 of Artificial Inseminations Are Now Complete

As of today my wonderful wife and I have completed round #2 of artificial inseminations.  This round was pretty wild and crazy because my surge and ovulation occurred 3-4 days later than my previous two cycles.

My first positive OPK (ovulation prediction kit) for the last two months occurred four days after I had finished my period.  On this, our second cycle, the first positive OPK happened a smooth seven days after I had finished my last period.

I experienced what so many women in my TTC Facebook groups have experienced; my period and cycle completely reset after the initial introduction of sperm inside my body.

What made this cycle of pregnancy attempts so wild and crazy is that my wife and I decided to start our attempts one day earlier than our previous cycle…and this happened before we realized my surge and ovulation were happening later this month!

The result of this was that we accidentally started the inseminations a bit early, ahead of my surge…which means that by the time the surge and ovulation actually happened we did a total of seven artificial inseminations.

…..SEVEN!!  I mean, what the even hell!?

The amazing thing about all of this is that our donor was completely understanding about all of it.  I was honest with him about my surge and cycle being different this month, and before I could even ask if there were any way he could give us even more inseminations after the initial three, he beat me to it by saying “No problem, we’ll just continue with the inseminations until you surge.”

…I’ll truly never understand how we got so lucky with a donor.

The area we live in was predicted to be hit with a pretty large snowstorm this week, and so to be able to continue inseminations my wife and I purposely got snowed in with our donor and his girlfriend last night.

It was fun, relaxing, and everyone had a great time.  For all of the new followers on this blog, I’ll quickly explain that our donor and his girlfriend are two of our closest friends. We’ve known them for years and years.

This round of inseminations has gone completely differently from the first.  And I don’t even mean because we used softcups to inseminate instead of syringes with preseed.  My body feels fine, it feels mostly normal in fact.  Last cycle, during our first attempt, my body felt crazy, off, and completely foreign to me.

I suppose after getting three doses of sperm in our first attempt last month my body is more use to sperm, and is no longer being shocked by something it doesn’t recognize.

We are officially in our second two week wait!! I am feeling much more relaxed, normal, and way less crazed than after our first attempt last month.

The only thing I’ve noticed physically, which started last night, is that I have a “warm, fuzzy feeling” all throughout my ovaries and pelvic area.  I’m not sure what this is from, but it feels nice and comforting, and isn’t painful, strange, or harmful feeling, so I’m not worried.

I’ll try to update more during this two week wait than I did last cycle.  I’m happy to be feeling much more like myself this time around.

Early Spotting and a Negative Pregnancy Test

I am 99.9% sure we are not pregnant.  I am 99.9% sure that we are out for this cycle.

I started spotting earlier today.  Which is very weird because….this is early for me.  My period isn’t due until Wednesday-Saturday of this week.

My cycles range anywhere from 28-31 days, and are usually 29 days.  If this is day#1 of my period, or if tomorrow is day #1 of my period, than that makes this cycle either 25 or 26 days.  Which is very short.  I never have cycles this short.

The spotting convinced me that my period was on its way, so just to rule it out I took a first response pregnancy test.  Sure enough…it was negative.  Very, very negative.  There wasn’t even the hint of a line.

I put on a pantyliner, and waited to start bleeding all day.  Waiting for a full on period, even though it’s 3-4 days early for my period to start.

My period never started.  I have had extremely light bleeding and spotting all day.  I’ve been home for nearly two hours now, and I haven’t bled even a drop in that time.

To make matters even weirder I don’t have 2-3 of my normal pre-period symptoms.  One of those symptoms is horrible acne around my jaw line.  I usually get horrible acne all over my jaw lines  right before my period.  The other normal pre-period symptom that is nonexistent are my horrible cramps.

Where are they? They aren’t here.  I usually get warning cramps a week before my period begins, and then warning cramps again 3-4 days before my period starts.  I haven’t had any cramping today, and I didn’t have any yesterday.

The only pre-period symptom I do have is a decreased appetite.  I get that every month before my period, and that started yesterday.

To make matters more confusing a really good friend of mine called to tell me that she got her period while she was pregnant with both of her sons.  She said to me “Maybe you’re not pregnant…but don’t discount it completely.  Your boobs have gotten huge over the last two weeks (she’s seen me twice) and I got my period with both of my boys.”


As of now, I am expecting to start a full-fledged period.  I’m counting us as “out” for this cycle.  I’m looking forward to attempt #2 next month.

I’m hoping to fully get my period later tonight or tomorrow.  The sooner I get my period, the sooner I finish my period, and then the sooner we can get going with attempt #2.

I called our donor on the way home from a client earlier, and the first thing he said to me was “Many women have spotting when they are pregnant.”

I love how knowledgable he is about pregnancy and periods.  I love how he always tries to be optimistic.  He’s a fantastic donor.  We got very lucky.

He understands that I am most likely getting my period, and he is game to start our second round of inseminations either late next week, next weekend, or early the following week.

Here’s to hoping I start a full on period soon.  I’m looking forward to attempt #2 next month.

This first month trying was downright crazy, and a rollercoaster.