15+4-A Brisk Afternoon Walk

Yesterday I joined my lovely wife and our sweet pup for a walk around the lakes near our house.  It was freezing and windy, so we bundled our bodies as best as we could.

We originally wanted to take a two-mile path that the three of us use to constantly walk together pre-pregnancy, but half a mile into the walk I knew my body couldn’t handle even that short length.

Everything started to hurt on this walk.  Everything.  My lower back, my sciatic muscles, than my hips, and even my quads.  I felt like an old lady.  I kept falling behind.  Our energetic young pup had to be told to slow down for me several times.

My wife was understanding and supportive, and was happy to take a shorter path for my sore body.  I can’t get over how achey I feel some days, especially since it still feels like we’re quite early into this pregnancy.

My winter coat can no longer comfortably zip up over my body.  My stomach immediately hurts, and I have to unzip the coat to relieve the pressure on my belly.  I’ve been wearing this same coat for four or five Winter’s now, and suddenly it no longer works.

I’m starting to show in my wife’s clothing, even in her fleece hoodie, which really surprises me.  I’m showing in her tee shirts as well to, and I look straight up pregnant in my own tee shirts.  People stare down at my belly when I wear them.

The maternity bra I’ve been wearing for weeks now was suddenly too tight as of yesterday.  I have to switch to bigger size bras.

The movement I felt from our nugget last night was more powerful than any of the movement I’ve felt over the last two weeks.  They were stronger, and more powerful, and had more force behind them than ever before.

I think we’re at that point where I actually need to break out the huge bags of maternity clothes I’ve had sitting for weeks now, and start trying some of them on.

Our next OB visit is in two days, and I’m ready.  I feel like I have more questions for her than I have previously in any other visit.  I want to actually hear her say that the first round of genetic testing came back normal.  I know that it did via email, but I actually want to hear her say the words.

Things are going well, and I’m feeling way better than I did even just a few weeks ago, even with all the soreness.  I will gladly take all these muscles aches and soreness over extreme fatigue, nausea, and the raging hormones of the first trimester.

I’ll update again after our OB visit on Tuesday.  I’ve really dropped the ball on this blog, and I’d like to start writing more.


Our Pregnancy Announcement to the World

Today we are fifteen weeks and four days pregnant.  Last Monday, we announced our pregnancy to the world via social media.

Announcing to the World went very well.  I posted a little disclaimer on both my Facebook and Instagram posts and kindly asked people to not ask us nosy questions and to respect our family’s pregnancy journey.  I’m happy to say that everyone behaved and no one asked anything nosy or said anything disrespectful.  We got a lot of unexpected congratulations and praise on our announcement shoot, so that was super awesome and fun.

I still can’t believe we’re in the second trimester!!  I can’t believe we’ve already announced.  I can’t believe how big my belly is getting!

I hope all of you are doing well on your TTC and pregnancy journeys.

After Eight Failed Cycles, We Got Our BFP!!!!!

I haven’t written in this blog since March.  There are many huge life changes that have happened since I last wrote, and one of them happened this morning; my wife and I got our first two positive pregnancy tests!!!!

This has been a while coming.  Since my last update, we made six more pregnancy attempts, only to have them all end in blood and heartbreak.

It still feels surreal.  I’m terrified my period will show up, and perhaps it will.  I’m worried that this won’t last, which I’m honestly happy about.  I would rather expect the worst and not get too attached.  I’m excited, but cautious.  I’m trying to take this very slow.

Eight failed attempts before now…and it has all been worth it!!